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It is estimated that 284,000 people remain uninsured in the city of Chicago, and that number will increase when the individual mandate is repealed.

How can we work together to become the first major metropolitan
city to have a fully functioning system in place ensuring that every Chicago resident has access to the right care, at the right time, in
the right place?


All In Chicago 2019

In the spring of 2019, CommunityHealth invites all Chicagoans to participate in the All In™ campaign through a series of educational and social events to discuss and generate solutions for providing accessible health care to all Chicago residents.




Learn how Community Health and the city of Chicago is working to ensure that everyone has access to health care.

It is imperative for our city leaders to take charge on reaching the end goal of health care for all residents.

In order to achieve our goal of access to health care for all Chicagoans, we need everyone to be “All In” to make it happen.

"The ACA is the end of the beginning.
Not the beginning of the end."

John Jay Shannon, MD, CEO, Cook County Health and Hospital System, 2015 All In Chicago panelist

Before the Affordable Care Act was fully implemented there were over 1.6 million residents in the state of Illinois without health insurance.  That number has decreased dramatically as a result of the law. Today there are still 900,000 people in the state of Illinois that are uninsured.  It is going to require the entire Chicago community to be “All In” to reach those who still need access to health care.

All In Chicago is a part of CommunityHealth, a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization serving those without essential health care in Chicago.

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