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Tim Kollar

Tim is the former Executive Director and a current Board member of Top Box Foods, a
community-driven nonprofit based in Chicago that creates access to healthy and affordable food. Top Box offers fresh produce and other healthy groceries to support community partners in nutrition and hunger initiatives, encourage individuals to take charge of their health and promote the development of a more sustainable food system. Prior to joining Top Box Foods, Mr. Kollar was a lawyer who worked most of his professional career in Washington D.C. and Chicago, both in government and the private sector, including working at the United States Department of the Treasury during the financial crisis.

In addition to his current work, Mr. Kollar has a passion for education, arts and sports that has led beyond philanthropic support to serving on his local school board, producing a movie and developing athletic and training facilities. He is a Board Member of the Flora Richardson Foundation, which focuses on the preservation and education of the Indiana Dunes region, and is the founding partner of East Beach LLC, a real estate and private investment company.

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