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Do you want to help make quality health care for all a reality? 

Build community. Join a network. Elevate access and dismantle barriers—all at your own pace. We welcome and invite patients, community members, leaders, students, and neighbors to be a part of the movement for quality health care for all.

We are Ambassadors. We are Advocates. We are Allies.

We are All Involved.

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The All Involved program invites anyone invested in building a system where everyone has access to the right health care, at the right time, in the right place to join the conversation. Join us in cultivating an inclusive, accessible, and truly effective health care safety net.

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, find your path to supporting culturally competent care with All Involved through events, fundraising, partnerships, and more. Choose from three branches based on your interests and abilities: Advocate, Ambassador, or Allies.


Together, we can build a healthier Chicago.


The Advocate branch is designed for individuals who are passionate about our mission and eager to spread awareness to community members about our clinic, events, policy updates, and fundraising efforts. Advocates play a crucial role in extending the reach of our services and initiatives beyond our immediate circles.

Examples of Advocate Activities

Spreading Information: Advocates are equipped with informational flyers and cards that they can distribute within their networks and communities.

Event Representation: Advocates have the opportunity to request CommunityHealth’s presence at different events and tabling opportunities in their local areas.

Involvement at All In Events: Advocates invite the community to join the conversation by volunteering at All In events.

Advocacy and Policy Updates: Advocates stay in the loop with CommunityHealth’s advocacy and policy updates to share resources that are up to date.

Friendraising Opportunities: Advocates promote CommunityHealth’s monthly fundraising campaigns for different programs.


The Ambassador branch is geared towards individuals and organizations who are deeply committed to our mission and wish to actively engage in hands-on activities that represent CommunityHealth both offline and on social media platforms. Ambassadors play a pivotal role in fostering awareness of our events and services, as well as facilitating connections to care within our community.

Examples of Ambassador Activities

↗ Event Representation: Ambassadors actively participate in health education events organized by CommunityHealth, contributing their time and knowledge to support the dissemination of crucial health information within our community.

↗ Spreading Information: Ambassadors connect their work, communities, and networks with resources to CommunityHealth and its fundraising campaigns.

Advocacy and Policy Updates: Ambassadors share advocacy and policy updates from CommunityHealth with their communities as it relates to their networks.

↗ Friendraising Opportunities: Ambassadors create their own fundraising pages quarterly to support clinic operations, programming, and events.


The Allies branch is focused towards organizations and companies who are invested in making quality health care for all a reality by using their platforms for positive momentum in the health care safety net. Allies expand CommunityHealth’s relationship with communities from clients to businesses by connecting CommunityHealth with sponsors, expanding our fundraising mediums, and bringing our mission to new spaces.

Examples of Allies Activities

Spreading Information: Allies offer resources to CommunityHealth at their events, in their stores, on their website, and more.

↗ Involvement at All In events: Allies donate to the All In event series, attend events with priority access, and connect CommunityHealth with likeminded sponsors.

Advocacy and Policy Updates: Allies commit to sharing and upholding updates in advocacy and policy from CommunityHealth as a means for setting the standard in culturally competent care.

↗ Friendraising Opportunities: Allies offer opportunities for their communities to donate to CommunityHealth at check out, through fundraiser events, on their website, and more.


Get Involved

Apply to your preferred branch.


Register and sign the pledge.


Access the partner toolkit.

Collaborate with your branch.

Schedule your commitments.

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