All In Breakfast Summit

Bringing Health Care to the People

Marcy Headshot.jpg

Marcela Rodriguez

Co-Executive Director,
Enlace Chicago

Jennifer Welch.jpg

Jennifer Welch Keynote

CEO & President,
Planned Parenthood Illinois

Bhatt, Jay.jpg

Jay Bhatt, MD Moderator

Executive Director,
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions & Deloitte Health Equity Institute

Jacinta Staples.jpg

Jacinta Staples, MSN, RN

Director of Community-Clinic Collaborations,
Patrick M. Magoon Institute for Healthy Communities

Thomas Huggett.jpg

Thomas D. Huggett, MD, MPH

Medical Director of Mobile Health, Lawndale Christian Health Center

Steph W.jpg

Stephanie D. Willding, MPA

Chief Executive Officer, CommunityHealth